We love our work quality”

And we provide the industrial requirements of our country with our high quality Iranian products.

Paya System Electronics and Mechanics Industries Complex with more than two decades of work experience, is one of the biggest industrial poles of our country. In this complex the most modern designing equipment for making rack and lateral equipment are used. This complex by achieving 5 international medals and successful participation in European, Middle East and African markets, is one of the most successful Iranian companies in this region. Quality and  innovation is the aim of this Complex. In this page you will see the list of some of the organizations and foundations the contract party and buyer of products of  Paya System Complex and in addition cooperating with more than 7000 administrative, industrial, research and university centers and organizations proves the quality and potential of this group.

Step by step for reaching to different products:

This company is always trying for best quality products with rapid expansion by the management and personnel. Using updated technology in all stages of design, production and assembly was observed and at the same time applying the updated techniques in production, manufacture and assembly was considered.

Capability of changing the production line in all main and ordered products is one of the  outstanding privileges of the Complex which provides this place. As per the time-scheduled order, different products including color, size and type of rack, are produced, assembled and packed in single work shift. Using durable raw-materials and machinery for production and assembly is controlled constantly.

Some Products